by Gisell Carmona

The Holiday season is always portrayed as the best time of year. We get to spend time with our loved ones and just enjoy the magic of the season each year. Yet with Covid now it seems to be hard to keep up with that joy. We must remind ourselves that we have to continue to take care of ourselves not only mentally but physically as well. 

Below I linked some great ways in which you can practice self care: 

During this season there tends to be a lot of traveling in order to be with your loved ones as well. But we must keep in mind that we simply shouldn’t be traveling as we usually would to celebrate the season. Instead we should try to keep others around us safe and remain home. Yet for those of you that do need to travel some traveling tips would include to simply follow all the Covid guidelines such as the ones listed below: 

Safety Steps :

  1. Wear a mask at all times.
  2. Carry hand sanitizer. (Some locations provide some at the entrance)
  3. Apply hand sanitizer before and after leaving any area.
  4. If using public transportation:
    1. Sanitize (using wipes on areas before and after using and leaving area. 
    2. Wash/disinfect items including your clothes used once you’ve arrived to your destination. 
    3. Be mindful of others space!

Overall let’s take care of one another during this season and make sure to check in with those we care about the most!

 Happy Holidays!