Oh SNAP will be doing limited delivery from October 20 – December 10th

Delivery services are available to students who are unable to come to campus due to medical issues, disability, or significant transportation issues. Students who have a time conflict with our open hours can schedule a special pick-up time with us here. 

Please note, you can designate someone to pick up food from Oh SNAP for you! They do not need to be a student or they can be picking up multiple bags. They will need to know your student ID number and last name. 

The Delivery form will be open every week on Wednesday at 5pm and then close on Thursday at 5pm. This is to insure we can provide delivery students with produce and other basic needs items when we have them available. If you miss this submission window, we cannot guarantee delivery. Deliveries will be made mostly on Fridays, though it is possible that some might be made on Saturday if we have a significant amount of deliveries for that week. Please email us at ohsnap@humboldt.edu if you have any questions!

The form to request delivery can be accessed using this link.