Oh SNAP! Student Food Programs is glad to accept donations.

Financial Donations to Oh SNAP! Student Food Programs

There are a number of reasons why individuals across the country supporting food pantries have found financial donations are the most effective way to support students with food scarcity needs. You can read more about these reasons or watch this short video to learn more about the advantages of ongoing financial support. Please consider pledging just $5 per pay period using the links below. As with most food outreach programs we strive to make every donation count, and monetary donations go a long way in maintaining the quality and sustainability of the program. Monetary gifts to the program go directly to food purchasing and we are able to purchase food more efficiently than an individual shopper, that is why financial gifts are so significant to helping food programs. Donations of this kind go directly to funding our fresh food efforts, including our farm stand.

If you are interested in donating to our efforts please visit the Cal Poly Humboldt Loyalty Website here. 

If you are a Cal Poly Humboldt Staff or Faculty member and would like to make a month donation that is withdrawn, from your check please fill out the following form and return it to Siemens Hall 215. With a reoccurring donation of even just $5 a month you will make a huge impact on stopping hunger in our student community. HSU Payroll Deduction Form


Financial Donations to Overcoming Health Barriers to Graduation Fund

We all know life can get tough. Unexpected things happen. And, even the most dedicated, hardworking student can be struck by unforeseen medical issues. Unfortunately, when this happens, students who need more than a few counseling sessions to get through a really hard episode of anxiety or depression, or the unlucky few who need to see a specialist medical provider in the community because of a scary diagnosis, simply can’t. Even for those with insurance, the co-pays are often an insurmountable barrier, public transportation isn’t available where/when it’s needed, or the limited number of specialists in our rural community makes it impossible find a local provider with the right training. As a result, students are forced to leave university — a problem that could be fixed sometimes with as little as $20 for a co-pay or $10 for a taxi ride. Health and Wellbeing services are a true force-multiplier, supporting student graduation and this fund increases student success through access to well-trained physical/mental health treatment and prevention resources, helping students overcome unexpected health barriers on the way to graduation.

Click here to make a one-time or recurring donation to support students: https://alumni.humboldt.edu/giving/wellbeing


Food Donations

If you are unable to make a (financial) donation, Oh SNAP! Student Food Programs can accept donations of non-perishable food that are within its sell-by, use-by, and/or best-by date. Containers must be sealed, clearly labeled, not dented, or rusted.

The program needs the following items:

Canned meat (chicken, fish), canned soups, stews, chili, peanut butter, beans, canned or dry, past, rice meals, cereal, oatmeal, canned fruit (in water). You can simply drop off your donation to the Recreation and Wellness Center room 122 during regular pantry hours.

Contact us at 707-826-4556 or ohsnap@humboldt.edu


Not able to come in and donate? Our Amazon Wishlist provides a great option for no-contact donations. Click here to order food and basic needs items that will be sent directly to our pantry: