Fall Break 2021Oh SNAP will be closed for fall break. We will be closed from November 20th-Nov 29th. We will reopen on December 1st. We will be offering the Harvest Meal program in conjunction with Dining Services this year. This meal is a hot holiday themed meal you can pick up at the J cafeteria on 11/24 from 11-2. You can eat it at the dining hall or take it to-go. If you would like to sign up to receive this meal for free please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/rgQZHU9n4JkD5MdK7
Winter Break:
Oh SNAP will be closed from 12/17/21 until 01/6/22. For finals week we will have Break Boxes available. These boxes contain more than what you would normally pick up at Oh SNAP weekly. During finals week we will be open the following days and times: Wednesday 10:30-2, Thursday 2-6, and Friday 9:30-1. If you are concerned about food over break and would like to receive swipes to eat at the J Cafeteria, please email me by December 20th at 2pm. We will be unable to add any swipes from December 21st until January 3rd. Please do not hesitate to request these if they will help you at all!!! The J will be open for most of winter break! https://dineoncampus.com/humboldtstate/dining-locations-and-hours
For January we will be open January 6th from 10-3 and January 13 from 10-3. We will be posting our new schedule for spring on January 14th. 
If any of our closures present a significant issue for your ability to get food please contact me. I am able to make arrangements (I LOVE DOING THIS IT IS NOT AN IMPOSITION). Also if you could be assisted by having free meals in the J cafeteria and are interested in applying for the Swipe Assistance program please email me at rdc23@humboldt.edu