by Tori Lawton

With everything that’s happened this year it’s understandable that many people are struggling to stay optimistic and push forward. Now especially it is important to look after yourself and your mental health. Here are a few suggestions for activities and practices to help get your mind right if you’re feeling stuck in rut.

  • Rearrange your setup: Give yourself a different view! Our brains can feel stifled and uninspired when we don’t get a change of scenery. Moving your furniture around and changing up your decor will refresh the vibe. (p.s. make sure to do any heavy lifting carefully)
  • Clear it out: All that clutter you’re holding onto.. get rid of it! Set aside some time, start a 30 minute timer (a good starting place), and grab a trash bag. Divide things up into keep, give away, and throw away. You could make someone’s day with a free pile (or make some cash on Craigslist!)
  • Working with your hands: Getting your hands dirty can be a great way to take your mind off things, whether it be creatively or out working in the garden. Find an enjoyable task you can complete to give yourself some dopamine.
  • Volunteering with animals: An awesome way to get out of the house safely and give yourself quality time with an animal that needs it. A win-win. Check with local shelters about in person volunteering as well as fostering (or adopting).
  • Nature! We’re lucky to have such an abundance of greenery here in Humboldt. Take advantage of it! Getting up and out can feel impossible when you’re sad, but even just a walk around the block makes a huge difference. Start by taking a few steps.
  • Be nice to yourself! This is the most important one! Please be kind and patient with yourself right now. It can be easy to get frustrated or feel defeated when you have down days, but you’re still here and you’re doing amazing. This world was already crazy, but we have now reached new heights. Cry if you need to. Binge Netflix if you need to. But always remember to have your back and support yourself.

Another important resource when you’re feeling low is community. Finding your people and your community can be a struggle, and the current circumstances can make it feel even more challenging. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the people in your life, coworkers, classmates, whoever that is to you. There is always someone. Most people are feeling a lot of the same things right now and want to talk too.

On-campus resources through the CAPS center:

If you need to talk and it’s outside of normal CAPS business hours, you can reach a CAPS therapist by phone 24/7 (707)-826-3236.