Fort Building 101

When was the last time you spoke to your inner child? During these uncertain and changing times, I have found that turning inwards and listening to my seven-year-old self helps me make decisions that make me feel safe and comfortable. One of these is making a fort! This can be a group activity with your family/roommates/quarantine buddies or it can be solo, it’s really open to you.

First, you want to make sure you have the appropriate space. Ask your roommates before you decide to cover the living room in sheets! Do you want your fort to be large or small? Tall or short? Thin or wide? I personally choose to make a tall fort so tall friends feel comfortable as well! Next, you want to collect sheets and blankets that can be used as the walls. Then, you want to set it up! Using push pins in ceilings is very helpful when creating a tall fort, but you can also prop blankets up using books or sofa cushions. Once the walls of your fort have been set up, you can add pillows, fun lights, a laptop/TV if you have the space, books, games, whatever your heart desires! You can tell ghost stories with your friends, share secrets, journal, listen to music, and exist in a comfy space that you have created.

If you choose to create a fort, we’d love to see pictures! Send them to us on Instagram @hsuohsnap .