Name: Pothos Plant
Care Level: Easy to grow!
Sunlight: These plants can grow in the outdoors in shade to partial shade. If you have this plant indoors, then they require bright but indirect light. If they are not getting enough light, then their leaf pattern will revert to all-green plants. By moving them to a brighter area it usually restores the variegation. If the leaves are paler, it means that the plant is getting too much sun.
Water: Pothos like to have their soil dried out completely between waterings. If it is left in damp soil continuously, the roots will rot and black spots on the leaves will form. This makes the plant collapse, indicating that the soil is too wet. For this plant, let it tell you when to water, for instance when the leaves start to droop, it needs a good drink of water! However, do not wait until the leaves start to shrivel up or you will lose some of them. Dry, brown edges means that the plant was kept dry for too long.
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