OhSNAP! Gardens purpose is to help students maximize their SNAP Gardens benefits and be more food secure. We intend to provide HSU students with a source of information and support surrounding the experimentation of growing their own food with CalFresh and limited resources.

We have put together a resource handbook that includes places to find free and/or cheap gardening tools, seeds, starts, and other gardening materials. Click on the Table of Contents image to view the PDF!

SPRING 2018 Workshops! A collaboration between Oh SNAP, CCAT, and WRRAP

Composting 101 – March 1st 11-12:30 – RWC122

Soil Building – March 9th 1-2:30 – CCAT

Companion Planting – March 23rd 1:30-2:30 – CCAT

Sprouting – April 6th 1-2:30 – CCAT

Seed: The Untold Story – Film Screening – April 19th 6pm – The Great Hall (free food!)


Student Resource Handbook