CalFresh FAQ

No, receiving CalFresh will not affect your financial aid.
You can use your EBT card at any grocery store and farmers market in Humboldt County. This also include the College Creek Market place at HSU.

View a full list of stores accepting EBT cards in Humboldt County.  (derived from 2/25/2016)

More information about where EBT cards can be used.

CalFresh is the current Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in California.

An electronic benefit transfer card (EBT) is the physical card (similar to a debit card) individuals receive their benefits on. An EBT card is how you will access your CalFresh benefits.

No, you may not purchase alcohol with your CalFresh benefits; however, you may buy other items that can serve as self care. This could include ice cream, chocolate, fruits and vegetables.
Yes, you benefits can be utilized anywhere in California; however, if you have moved you must report this and have your benefits transferred to the county you are currently living in.