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Open Pantry Day 62524

The OhSNAP Food Pantry is CLOSED FOR SUMMER. Please check back for 1-2 open days during the break. Regular services will resume in the Fall 2024 semester.


If you are in need of food resources during this time, here are some local food pantries to check out:

Food for People Pantry Locations:

Mckineyville Family Resource Center Food Pantry:

Cal Poly Humboldt Basic Needs:

About us:

Oh SNAP! Student Food Programs is a student-driven initiative. Our mission is to increase access to nutritious and culturally appropriate food for all Cal Poly Humboldt students by engaging in campus and community partnerships and by raising awareness of food insecurity among our peers.

We aim to provide our fellow students with basic necessities and connections to community resources. Our services currently include a campus food pantry, a weekly stand with free fresh fruits and vegetables (during the growing season), CalFresh application assistance, connections to other local food resources, and outreach events.

We provide CalFresh assistance to anyone who needs it, however our pantry and food redistribution services are for matriculated Cal Poly Humboldt students only. If you have questions about this please contact


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In a world of plenty, no one, not a single person, should go hungry.

– Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary General




Thank you to Ed at Earthly Edibles for our Farm Fresh Produce during the the growing season!


Swipe Assistance Program
Email to request services from the Swipe Assistance Program.


Introducing OH SNAP’s very own thrift shop! We started a PopUp Thrift Store to help students access affordable items and to reduce waste. We gather donated items during move-out in the spring. All money raised goes to support the pantry, farm stand, and emergency housing fund.  Follow @humboldtohsnap on Instagram to stay updated.


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If you are looking for CalFresh support, or questions about Medi-Cal. You can book a time to meet with someone. Please email Ani Glenn –

If you prefer to sign up for CalFresh independently, you can find the online application here.
Or fill out a paper application which can be mailed, faxed or dropped off at the Department of Health and Human Services.


Learn how to cook simple, delicious and nutritious meals just for students! You get to eat what you make and all of our events are FREE!

Cooking Education will resume in the Fall 2024 semester!

Upcoming Cooking Classes:

To Be Determined

Past Cooking Class Videos:

Halloween Thumbprint Cookies


Check out the various ways you can join Oh SNAP!

Interested in getting involved?
OhSNAP! is not accepting applications at this time. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Ani at
If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Ani at
Come intern or conduct class projects with us! Oh SNAP! offers a internships for students of any major. You can meet with the food pantry coordinator, health educator or faculty adviser to see if it is a good fit! Call to make an appointment.

For the Social Work Department, Oh SNAP! may be used as an internship for SW 255, 355, 682, and 683.

We also make an effort to advocate the college student’s needs and concerns in order to ease restrictions on CalFresh eligibility through surveys and research.  Food insecurity is a significant issue among college students, especially for students with dependent children who are pursuing college education; so, we are making efforts to strengthen support systems to increase access to nutritious foods for students in need.  Although the campus food pantry supplies some foods for students in need, it can’t provide them with increasing amounts of much needed food due to the limited funding.  For this problem, we provide shuttle services from the campus to Arcata Food Pantry every Saturday so that students are able to get more foods from the local food pantry.  In addition, CalFresh eligibility requirements for college students would be revised because we are trying to advocate for increased ease in the eligibility rules for CalFresh through various channels.  Therefore, it is necessary to consider other initiatives such as campus gardens and policies to increase access to nutritious foods and, more broadly, improve students’ economic stability and well-being.
Oh SNAP may be able to assist you with a class project or assignment! Feel free to ask if we can be of any assistance.

Contact us at 707-826-4556




“Arrabiata” Pasta Recipe

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Easy Seasoned Chickpea Snack

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Yes! The more perspectives the better. Having a variety of backgrounds at OH SNAP! allows us the ability to think through things differently.
Nothing has changed–although we are trying to make it easier for students to gain access to CalFresh benefits. We had the thought as students, that we wouldn’t qualify. We have now learned about specific student qualifications statuses that help students qualify CalFresh benefits.
Currently any HSU student can access the pantry once a week, but please feel free to stop by for coffee or tea anytime. Please see pantry hours.
The campus food pantry is open to any HSU students including international students and exchange students.  Please make sure to bring your student ID.
We only run our Farm stand during the fall harvest, so it is currently closed but will resume this fall.
You don’t have to bring any form of identification, just please bring a bag!



Recreation and Wellness Center, Room 122