by Rosalina Ortega

I’m currently in a gardening course here at HSU and I have recently learned about the various ways to compost. One interesting way to compost that I’ve looked into is called vermiculture! In this process of composting, there has to be a bin with a lid to maintain the compost away from pests. In a separate bucket, a person needs to add a coco fiber brick in the bucket and cover it with water, then wait about two hours for the coco fiber to expand. Once the coco fiber has expanded transfer it into the bin and begin to place your worms on top of the coco fiber. Once the worms have settled in you can begin to add your food scraps into the bin and the worms will begin to compost your food scraps! It’s a great way to reduce your waste and benefit from it at the same time since you will have your own compost to garden. This type of process that was just described is called Vermiculture.