by Veronica Amezola

Here are a few refreshing activities you can try out this Spring! Try them out if you’re in need of a break from school work or just bored!

  1. Prepare a Spring inspired meal/snack
  • Try adding in some fruit and veggies that are in this season to your dishes! 

  • Visit your local farmers’ market! 
  • Plan a hike
  • Have a picnic 
  • Do a quick visit to the beach, marsh, forest, or any of your favorite spots
  • Try birding or observing local wildlife
    • Or observe wildlife online
  1. Take a scenic drive
  2. Do some gardening or buy a plant
  • Nothing says Spring like plants! 
  • Check out your local nurseries and get yourself a couple of plants (they make great company during this pandemic)
  1. Arts & Crafts
  • Visit your local dollar store and buy some arts and crafts materials there (they have tons of options!) 
  • Paint, sketch, make random doodles, scrapbook, print out pictures that you have in your camera roll
  1. DIY Easter egg hunt with family/friends/roommates
  • Get some easter eggs and put anything you want inside (candy, crystals, compliments/words of motivation… anything!)
  1. Do some Spring cleaning
  • Do some laundry
  • Sort through clothes that you don’t want/wear anymore and donate them
  • Rearrange your furniture 
  • Add in some spring inspired decorations