Ever get overwhelmed with the amount of stock/broth or canned veggies you accumulate with OhSnap food bags?? Don’t feel bad because so do I! I will be sharing my take on using OhSnap Food bags to make this super yummy chicken pot pie! This pot pie can even be transformed to Vegan/vegetarian option. It is creamy, flavorful and satisfying. I hope yall get a chance to make this pie and a great tip for money saving costs is buying bakeware from the Dollar Tree (this is where I purchased my pie pan). 


Ingredients (This is what I used but you can use however much veggies as you like :D)

Pie crusts (store bought or homemade )

One medium onion

2 celery stalks

1 potato

4 tbsp of butter ( or any dairy free butter) 

½ cup of flour

1 and ¾ cups of chicken broth (or vegetable stock/broth)

½ cup of heavy cream ( I used soy milk)




Italian seasonings

Garlic powder

Cajun seasoning

2 cups Mixed veggies frozen or canned (corn, peas, carrots) 

2 cups of shredded chicken (rotisserie or canned chicken)




Set oven to 400 degrees 


Roll Out thawed pie crust if you want a bottom crust skip if you don’t

Dice onions, potatoes and celery to a medium heat pan (add a bit of oil if you’d like) 

Once onions becomes translucent add in butter

Then add in stock and whisk away until flour lumps are gone add heavy cream or dairy free alternative to make sauce a bit thicker

Then added you seasonings

Add in mixed veggies ( if using fresh veggies cook before adding to the last)

Add in your chicken ( I’ve used mushrooms as an alternative and it was super yummy too!)

Once filling has been done, fill up your pie pan

Lastly add the top layer pie crust and cut slits so the pie can breath and fully cook

Cook for 30 mins or until your crust is golden brown and ENJOY!


I have used both chicken and veggie broth, canned green beans and corn, potatoes, onions, carrots, canned chicken I have used from OhSnap food bags!


-Becky Moreno