We will be closed November 10th and 11th. We are currently at the end of the season for our farm stand and will be trying to offer produce again starting next week on the 17th, but we will unfortunately need to close this week to get everything ready!

We will still be open on Friday, November 12th from 9:20-11:30 and 2:30-4:30 as well as Saturday, November 13th from 10-3. We will also still be offering delivery service. The form opens on Wednesday at 5pm. More information can be found here! If you cannot make those times and don’t have someone who can pick up a bag for you, please email, rdc23@humboldt.edu and I will work with you to get you a bag!
Also please remember that we are here to help with Calfresh and Medi-Cal questions, you can book a meeting with us here: https://ravinhealthed.youcanbook.me
And if you are looking for a ride home to the San Francisco or Los Angeles areas please check out the Homeward Bound Bus: https://sites.humboldt.edu/fallhomewardbound2021.