Oh SNAP Vegan Grocery Bag: comes with a selection of snacks, fruit cups, pasta noodles, tomato sauce, 2 instant meals, 2 instant oatmeals, 1 jar of peanut butter, 1 can of beans, 1 can of vegetables, 1 can of soup, and 2 packets of tea*



Oh SNAP Vegetarian Grocery Bag: comes with various snacks, fruit cups, 1 can of vegetables, 1 can of soup, 1 can of beans, 2 tea packets, 2 instant oatmeal packets, mac n cheese, 2 instant meals, pasta noodles or rice, and a jar of pasta sauce*



Oh SNAP Meat Grocery Bag: comes with snacks, cookies, instant ramen, 1 instant meal, 1 can of chilli, 1 can of beans, 1 can of vegetables, 1 microwave popcorn packet, 2 instant oatmeal packets, 1 fruit cup, 2 tea packets, 1 box of noodles or rice, 1 jar of pasta sauce, and 1 jar of peanut butter*

*may vary slightly depending on our weekly inventory

*we also have allergy-safe and gluten-free options to substitute if needed!

You can pick up one free grocery bag per week on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and one fresh produce bag on Wednesdays at our farm stand! We’re located outside of the RWC building (Recreation and Wellness) next to the Bicycle Learning Center. On Saturdays you can find us inside room 122 in the RWC building.