by Tori Lawton

There are many options for finding affordable home goods and supplies in Humboldt County. I’ve been able to find some of my favorite pieces on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and in local thrift shops. Here is a list of some of these places*

*for all of these activities bring a mask, hand sanitizer, and remember to stay 6 ft. apart!

  • Thrift Shops
    • Some of the local thrift shops are: Angels of Hope, Companion Animal Foundation (they sometimes have kittens you can pet!), Eco-Groovy Deals, and Hospice of Humboldt
    • You can check them out online to find locations and hours!
  • Yard Sales
    • Search for street signs and on Craigslist Saturday and Sunday mornings
    • Decide how much cash you want to spend before hand and bring that amount only so you don’t get tempted
    • That being said, if something calls out to you go for it!
    • Make sure you have enough space for whatever you get/bring a measuring tape
  • ¬†Craiglist!
    • Be courteous in exchanges with a seller, but don’t give out too much personal info
    • Always bring a buddy
    • Be ready with sufficient transportation if needed (i.e. clean out your trunk, bring rope to tie down on the roof of the car)
    • Search under “free stuff” and “recent listings”
  • Facebook Marketplace!
    • Similar tips to Craigslist
    • Research bartering on WikiHow
  • Free Piles!
    • use the law of attraction to find what you need in free piles
    • Check popular streets on sunny Sunday mornings
    • always do a thorough cleaning of your findings!

Happy Thrifting! :)