Local Resources for Locating Missing Pets


Having a pet run away is an incredibly difficult thing, especially during a time like this. In isolation, many rely on their pets for companionship and as a point of grounding to maintain a sense of normalcy. Humboldt can be a dangerous area for a lost pet; it’s vast and has a lot of undeveloped, uninhabited land, so it is important to work quickly when a pet becomes lost. Thankfully, Humboldt County has two effective methods of reuniting pet owners with their pets: the Humboldt County Animal Shelter and the Humboldt Paws Cause website.


The Humboldt County Animal Shelter in Mckinleyville is a county-run pound managed by the Animal Control Division of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Unlike larger metropolitan areas, Humboldt is small enough that any lost pet captured by Animal Control will be brought to a single shelter. Additionally, other local shelters will only take animals surrendered by the owner, meaning if your pet has been found and turned over to the relevant authorities, you only have one place to look. Due to COVID-19, the shelter is partially closed. You cannot physically go into the shelter right now, but you can call (contact info below) to inquire about your pet and make pick-up arrangements if it has been found.


980 Lycoming

McKinleyville, CA  95519





The other service residents of Humboldt County have access to is the Humboldt Paws Cause website. Paws Cause is a local bulletin board for missing and found pets. If you’ve lost a pet, you can input information on its name, species, appearance, and last known location, as well as a picture and your contact information. Not only will a post be created on the well frequented website, but you can also print out a generated “missing pet” poster that utilizes the information you have provided. Posts are left up for two weeks before being removed. If you’re feeling pessimistic about your odds of finding your furry friend, just check how many pets have been listed as “reunited” in the past two weeks. As of the writing of this article, 37 pets have been brought back to their owners through this service in just the past 14 days.




Lastly, if you are not missing a pet, but instead are looking to adopt one, Humboldt has a few options for you!


Humboldt Animal Rescue Team – also takes volunteers and foster parents



Companion Animal Foundation – accepts volunteers



Sequoia Humane Society



Sierra Pacific Furbabies – has a fostering program