Oh Snap! has had a delivery system since the summer to adapt with COVID times and try to assist students as much as we can! The delivery days are Thursday afternoon and Friday morning to a limited range around Humboldt County. These services are available for any HSU student that is unavailable to come to our distribution hours during the week due to issues of health or transportation or in general not being able to make it to our regular hours to pick up a produce bag! The way one can sign up for delivery is to fill out a form which opens every Wednesday 3:30pm until Thursday 6pm to guarantee a delivery for the week! Every week the form has different fresh produce so it must be filled out every week if you want a delivery! There is a link on our Instagram bio to fill out the form or you can always shoot us an email at ohsnap@humboldt.edu if you have any questions!
Chey Navarrete