I hope everyone has been able to enjoy some sun this past week! This week I wanted to talk about some of my favorite beach spots in Humboldt County. We are lucky to be in such a rugged place with rocky coastlines as well as soft sandy expanses. Do not be fooled by the beauty of the ocean, it can be extremely dangerous. Always approach the ocean with caution!

Before embarking on your coastal adventure, I recommend checking the tides and weather. That way, you don’t drive all the way to the beach to find it washed out by high tide or unsafe wave conditions and need to turn around. Make sure to bring layers and a hat! The Humboldt sun is sneaky—it doesn’t feel very hot, but it can still burn you!

Here are some of my favorite beaches along our coast. I’ve mentioned a few of them in my tide pooling guide as well.

Trinidad area:

  • Houda Point Beach
  • Baker Beach
  • Moonstone beach
  • Trinidad state beach
  • Old home beach (there are often harbor seals hauled out on the rocks during low tide)
  • College Cove


  • Dry Lagoon (you can go agate hunting here!)
  • Anywhere in Patrick’s Point State Park
  • Mattole Beach
  • Powerline beach—across from the mill and entrance to Fairhaven
  • The jetty (be extra careful here and do NOT get too close to the water, especially if the waves are large. Experienced fishermen often get swept out to sea here.)

If you are looking to do a bonfire, Mad River and Clam Beach allow you to do this! Be careful though, there are gates that lock at sundown so if you chose to drive there, make sure to park your car outside of the gate.

Have fun and be safe! There is so much to explore and always an adventure to be had.