Food Not Bombs – Arcata


For anyone unfamiliar with Food Not Bombs, it is an all-volunteer run movement that recovers food that would be discarded or is in excess. They take this food and make free vegan meals for hungry community members. This movement can be found in over 1000 cities in 65 countries worldwide. Food Not Bombs is an example of mutual aid, which is deeply political in its nature. Mutual aid is rooted in anti-authoritarian thought and is anarchist, abolitionist, and autonomist in nature. To simplify, but not depoliticize it, mutual aid is community members finding ways to support other community members in whatever way they can.

Food Not Bombs Arcata works closely with Humboldt Mutual Aid and NAACP to ensure that community members have access to healthy food. Every Sunday at 12:30, volunteers meet at the Bayside Community Hall and cook meals with the produce they’ve collected. Whatever they don’t use either goes to NAACP for distribution to needy families, or to the Humboldt Mutual Aid farm stand. The farm stand is every Monday from 12-4 near the corner of 12th and M Street. There they distribute vegetables that would either be discarded or have been donated by community members from their gardens. They are free to all so if you find yourself needing some veggies or having too many go to the farm stand!

OhSNAP was able to donate our excess produce, which was used in the Food Not BombsĀ  meals. Leftover produce went to the NAACP. Oh Sunday, 5 volunteers made 45 hot vegan meals that were distributed to community members Sunday evening. If you are interested in volunteering or receiving aid, reach out to them through email or their instagram and facebook accounts!