Cooking is all about know the foundations. Once you know the basics you can learn to experiment! In these videos, Amiel Stanek demonstrates how (and how not) to prepare common, versatile foods outside of the context of a recipe. These are not so much instructions as they are a presentation of various ways one can utilize base ingredients. From there, you can experiment on your own or seek out recipes that use these methods! Try making milk-braised chicken, a tea egg, or homemade tater tots! I, however, am a little less eager to try dehydrated raw chicken breasts, car engine cooked eggs, or a blow torch cooked potato.

We know there has been some recent controversy in regards to Bon Appétit and this is something that matters to us at Oh SNAP. People of color should be paid for their time and at a rate that is just. If you want more information about what’s going on at Bon Appétit, read about it here. You can access the videos here if you do not want to watch them on Youtube directly.